About Kilmarnock Funeral Services

Gerard Robertson, M.B.I.E. and James Maxwell, Dip. FD
Gerard Robertson, M.B. I.E. and James Maxwell, Dip. FD are sole owners and proprietors of Kilmarnock and District Independent Funeral Service. Between them, Gerry and Jim have over 30 years’ experience in funeral service, at home and abroad. Both were employed by a funeral company, and did not appreciate the lack of control they had over the service to families, They both firmly believe that independence is of the utmost importance; many companies have lost their independence, and are no longer able to offer a truly personal service to bereaved families.

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Gerry and Jim provide a high standard, value for money service with more personalised and individual attention. As a privately operated business there are no targets or budgets to meet, and they can provide a funeral service tailored to your needs, They can also provide a prepaid funeral plan in conjunction with Golden Charter, one of the profession’s leading prepaid providers, with no hidden extras at a guaranteed price.

It’s important that you know who you are speaking to; an Independent Funeral Director or just one of the branches of a vast conglomerate. When you need the services of a Funeral Director you should turn to the firm which has an investment in your community. A full monumental service is also available, whereby everything from a new headstone to an added inscription can be provided. All materials and labour are provided by a local craftsman.

Professional Funeral Directors
As professional Funeral Directors Gerry and Jim are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). This is a further example of their commitment to providing the very best service possible to every family. When you suffer bereavement, a funeral for a member of your family is the most difficult day of your life. Everything your family and friends thought about a loved one is expressed on that day.

When someone dies it comes as a great shock. Sometimes the death may be expected, but nothing prepares you for the emotional shock of losing someone close. As your funeral directors, we are here to help and offer advice in whatever way we can. We are dedicated professionals who provide a personal service to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a rare privilege to be a funeral director, to stand in a sensitive position at a crucial time in the midst of your family, knowing that the quality of our service and reputation will help you through this most difficult time in your lives. It is not our policy to impose urgency or apply undue pressure on you or your family: it is important for many people to reflect the personality and character of the deceased within the arrangements and this often requires time and thought to do so.

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